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Ladies AuxFor more than 20 years, The Ladies Auxiliary of the 9th & 10th (Horse) Cavalry Association has devoted its energy to passionately working to raise the level of awareness of the historical contributions of the Buffalo Soldiers to the security of the United States of America.  We have through our projects supported our soldiers & their families as well as providing scholarships to our youth.



Acting President - Trooper Annie Gray:  (580) 510-0082  email:


Treasurer - Trooper Eunice Sumbler: (931) 920-6673

The Scholarship Program is in honor of the American Female Buffalo Soldier,

Buffalo Soldiers 9th & 10th Horse Cavalry Association

The Cathay Williams Scholarship Application (download for here) Ladies Auxiliary Scholarship Application

  1. Scholarship is open to High School Seniors
  2. Scholarship Award is $1000.00
  3. Participants must submit their application as directed below.
  4. Scholarship Deadlines
  5. Return application along with required documentation as noted below
  6. Mail - Submission must be received no later than the week before our National Reunion

  Annie Gray, Acting President Ladies Auxiliary

  • Hand Delivery to Scholarship Committee (At the National Reunion). All of the following elements must be provided. If not provided or the incomplete scholarship application will be removed from consideration. Committiee Members are:
      1. Anne Gray, Eunice Sumbler, Lessie Mae Samuels
      2. Must be Received no later than 9:00 AM EDT,
  1. Only Graduating High School Seniors may apply
  2. Provide Senior Year Official Transcript.
  3. Senior Year GPA must be at minimum 3.0
  4. Letter of Acceptance to a College, University, or Institution of Higher Learning such as a Community College.
  5. 200 – 300-word essay on African American Women in the Military
  6. Brief summary of high school, community activities, planned major and career goal. limit 100 words.
  7. One or more letters of recommendations must be submitted.
  8. Provide Applicant Contact Information; Applicant Parents/Guardian Contact Information (including viable reach telephone #)
  9. Any individual may only apply once

Established for over 20 years, the Ladies Auxiliary is part of the foundation of the National Association. Their main purpose is to "Be of Service" to the Assocaition members, the Youth and the Communities accross the country.

Their long established Scholarship Program has been a blessing to hundreds youth accross the country.

Their Community Service Porjects consist of, donating school supplies, packages to deployed service members, donations to youth and community programs in many cities just to name a few.

Any woaman is eligible to  become a member of the National Association, and The Ladies Auxiliary.








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